Lessons From a Two Year Old

As adults/parents/mommas, sometimes we feel like we know it all. I mean we are the adult and we have had more life experiences than our littles, so naturally we should know more. We think we have all of the answers and know best. As my oldest little, Emmett, turned two this week, I started to think about all of the incredible things he has taught me these last two years.

  1. A child’s belly laugh is contagious, especially when it turns into a fake laugh to get other people laughing

  2. Childish enthusiasm is such a gift

  3. There is magic in the mundane, such as ant hills and airplanes

  4. Old food and shake containers make the best toys

  5. Momma’s kisses have magic healing powers

  6. Schedules and routines are important but are sometimes meant to be broken

  7. Knocking a stack of blocks over never gets old

  8. It is OK to dance like nobody's watching and sing like no one can hear you

  9. Toddlers are parrots- they repeat the words you don’t want them to (AKA all the swear words)

  10. Home Depot is a fun store and is meant to be explored

  11. Boundaries are important

  12. Hearing “I lub yooou tooo” are my four favorite words

  13. Eating a donut without touching it is possible

  14. Littles are the best display of unconditional love

And the most important lesson he has taught me: imagination. Littles are experts at imagining and dreaming up the most elaborate stories, pretend play scenarios, and enjoying every moment.  Our minds are such gifts and most of the time they are spent wasted on worries, fears, and doubts. Emmett has taught me how to dream again- and not just dream for small things like a new purse or a fancy iPad. Dreaming big for our family to experience life on a whole new level. Such as owning a house on a lake, bringing Matt home from his corporate job, and starting a charity for antepartum and NICU families. These dreams scare the crap out of me, but they make me so fricken excited I can hardly stand it. I have no idea how these dreams will come true but I have faith that they will.  What if we learned from our littles and started to dream again? What would your dream life look like? How would you enhance the lives of the ones you love? What if it could come true? Every day I wake up and am so incredibly grateful for this life that I have the privilege of living, and I am going to continue to dream, learn, and grow from the life lessons of my two year old.