I am SO busy...


So...it has been over a month since my last blog post. August was filled with a trip to Vegas for a company event, bachelorette party weekend, state fair trip, and trying to squeeze as much outdoor time in as possible before the weather changes. As I’ve been talking with friends and family this past month I have caught myself saying “We are good but we are SO busy!” And it got me thinking about the word “busy.”

Technically, I feel if you asked almost anyone these days they would say they are busy. Busy at work, busy at home, busy with kids, busy with chores, busy with school, busy with sports, busy with social events...the list goes on… However, as I started planning out the month September and thinking “Wow, we are really busy!” I realized that I planned almost all of the activities on the calendar. So, the reason we are so busy is because of me and saying “yes.”

Personally, I think we are a “Yes” society. We feel like we have to constantly say yes to as much as possible because the FOMO (fear of missing out) gets the better of us.  But what if we slowed down? What if we thought more about what we truly love and care about in our life and said “no” to the things that didn’t align? What if we got picky about the events and plans we said “yes” to and started saying “No” more often?

Luckily, before the entire month of September was booked solid, I made the decisions to keep our weekends (Friday-Sunday) as open as possible so that I could focus on what matters most to me, which is spending time with my hubby and my littles. I challenge you to ask yourself, “What matters to you?” Are your days spent doing things you love or doing things you hate? If you don’t like the answer, what can you do to change it? You guys, life is SHORT and if we spend our days being “busy” and doing things we aren’t madly in love with, then we aren’t really fully living.

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