The Momma Tribe


The Momma Tribe: The Beginning

Last month I read the book Earth is Hiring by Peta Kelly. This book sat on my bedside all of 2018...I wasn’t ready to read it..I’m not sure why, but subconsciously I think I knew I wasn’t prepared for what was inside. What it would teach me, what it would show me about my life. Crazy right?? But it is true.

Then in January I felt called to read it and I devoured it. Soaking up every lesson, every grain of wisdom, and forcing me to really listen to what God has been showing me for years. I was sitting in Attley’s ECFE (Early Childhood Family Education) class one Friday morning and thinking, “Why isn’t this class full??” You see, I LOVE ECFE. It is so beneficial- the child connecting time, the parent education piece, making friends--all of these happen within the short hour and a half in class.

Instantly, I thought of how people could have scheduling conflicts with naps or multiple littles, work, or perhaps not being aware of ECFE in general. This had my mind spinning and the idea for a business started to take shape.

You see I love to teach. I didn’t love teaching in the school systems or the politics that came with it, but I love teaching, sharing, and connecting with others, especially mommas. It fills my soul up and I believe it is my purpose in life. It’s why I love teaching others about the nutrition that we love. It’s why I love sharing the harder stuff about parenting and life out on social media with the hope that I can teach or help others with things they might be struggling with in their lives, just like I do.

So here I am starting another adventure by creating a new business that I am so passionate about.  You are looking at the Founder of the Abundant Momma Tribe. I’m creating an online platform for moms to meet weekly, discuss everyday life, and learn more about how to be the best woman, wife, and momma while connecting and creating friendships with other mommas. I am SO ecstatic to be launching the first three groups at the beginning of March and I would love your help getting my message out.

If you know a momma who could use this in their life, forward this post to them! I am so excited for this next adventure and I appreciate all of your support along the way.

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