Porter's Birth Story: 9/16/18

One year ago, on September 16th, 2018, I manifested for the first time. It became a precursor to an entire year of discovering an entire new side of spirituality and self development. 

Before I share how I manifested, let me back up a few weeks. Being pregnant after having a preemie was a blessing and a giant emotional journey. Constant worry, fear, and worst case scenarios went through my head for a majority of my pregnancy with Porter. On the flip side, carrying a baby full term after having a preemie was also extremely taxing. I became miserable, so uncomfortable and in a lot of pain. Once I reached the point where baby was considered “full term” I wanted Porter out of my body. But Porter had other plans and he hung on. 

Matt was scheduled to be in an out of town wedding on September 15th and we both wanted to be able to support the happy couple but due to Porter staying in, Matt had to make the tough decision to remove himself from the wedding party and stay in town with me. 

That night while lying in bed, feeling miserable both physically and mentally (I felt sad that Matt couldn’t attend his friend’s wedding), I turned to Matt and told him “I want to wake up in the morning, have my water break, have your parents come up and get the littles and then go have this baby.” We then talked about how nice that would be and then kissed goodnight and went to sleep. 

The next morning I was woken up around 5am with contractions and some discomfort. I continued to lay there and see if they progressed since I had been having a ton of braxton hicks throughout the third trimester. As I was laying there, I heard a “pop” sound come from my belly but nothing happened. When my water broke with Attley at 26 weeks, it was a giant gush of water so I wasn’t sure what this pop was even though I had heard stories of a popping sound when the bag of waters broke. 

I didn’t want to get too excited but I had the urge to take a shower and essentially “get ready” to have a baby. As I was standing in the bathroom getting ready to shower, a small puddle of “water” was at my feet. At this point, I was pretty sure we were having this baby today (we didn’t know it was a boy yet). I told Matt to call his parents and come up to get the littles. 

By the time I was dressed and ready to head to the hospital, Matt’s parents had arrived and everything was packed ready to send them off for a few days. We called my clinic to let them know we were heading in and since this was not my first rodeo we knew where to go and the next steps to getting admitted. 

We arrived, got admitted and waited. Porter and Emmett’s birth were very similar in that my water broke for both and then they stalled out. I have also learned after giving birth three times in the last four years that once I receive the epidural, my body relaxes so quickly that I go from a 5 to 10 in about 30 minutes- this has literally happened for both Attley and Porter. So once that set in, Porter was ready to get out. He came quickly and easily for which we felt so blessed. 

Porter Timothy Martin was born at 3:01pm on September 16th and was the first time I actively manifested because he came into this world exactly how I told Matt the night before. It was the start of an incredibly challenging journey of going from a momma to two to a momma of three and has been the most incredible year of self discovery and spirituality. I cannot wait to continue on this journey and meet our fourth and final little- baby girl Jelly Bean in December.  

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