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What is it?!?

Hey Momma!

I SEE you! I see you juggling all that it is to be a momma. Raising littles, maintaining a healthy marriage, running your household, trying to have a social life, working (outside/inside the home and/or bringing up your littles) and it takes WORK!

I honor your desire to be the BEST momma while trying to do it all. Motherhood is a beautiful gift filled with unconditional love… but motherhood can also be hard, isolating and lonely. This Tribe is for mommas who want to meet other mom friends through an online community where we meet weekly to discuss every day life as well as discussions around parenting challenges, marriage, and self care. Thanks to social media and video conferencing it is easy to connect and create genuine friendships with other women.

Whether you are a working mom, a stay at home mom or somewhere in between, we would love to have you join our community of supportive, positive and uplifting women.

The Momma Tribe Mission & Vision:

The mission of this group is to connect Mommas from all over the country (some day the world) through technology (aka instagram/Facebook/video conferencing) while supporting and encouraging one another and making friendships that span a lifetime. 

The vision for this Tribe is grow from local (Minnesota) to global. Allowing mommas from all walks of life to connect and form meaningful and fulfilling friendships while becoming the best mommas we possibly can be. 

How does it work?
I am offering three six week pilot groups that meet the month of March and into April. The groups will be broken into ages: babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. You select the group you want to be a part of and sign up for that age group. There will be 10-12 spots for each age section in order to keep the groups intimate and allow quality connections to form. 

We will be "seeing" each other every week through Zoom (video conferencing) calls that will be scheduled for Wednesday nights and meet for 40 minutes...if I have more interest I will add a second night that will occur on Tuesdays. Tribes will start the week of March 4th. Zoom can be used on your computer or smart phone so you can join from virtually anywhere!

Upcoming Tribes:

Baby Tribe: Wednesday’s @ 7:00-7:40

Toddler Tribe: Wednesday’s @ 7:50-8:30

Preschooler Tribe: Wednesday’s @ 8:40-9:20 

If you are ready to join, click the Tribe membership tab above!

For more questions or additional information please complete the information below and we can’t wait to meet you!


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