The Momma Tribe


Ever felt this way as a momma? In The Momma Tribe we meet weekly to connect, support and empower one another on our motherhood journey. We cover topics based off the three main pillars:

  • Motherhood/parenting

  • Marriage/relationships

  • Mind/Body/Soul Care



Registration opens three times a year and you choose the day/time that works for you to meet each week. The Tribes run for a select amount of weeks and are run on Zoom for 55 minutes. You can meet from your house or anywhere that has service. No need to get a babysitter or travel- The Momma Tribe is designed to fit into your life wherever you are at.



  • 8 Weekly Meetings with the same group of Mommas.

  • Private Facebook Community that allows for the support to continue after each meeting, a place to ask questions and get extra support.

  • The Momma Tribe Journal to use as a resource and a place to develop yourself as a woman, wife, and momma.

  • Three weeks learning from a licensed Parent Educator, Kathy Matthews, owner and founder of Shine Each Day LLC.

  • Resources and tools along the way based off of topics discussed.

  • Optional 1-1 weekly connecting with Mommas in your Tribe.

  • Portion of sales donated to a charity related to pregnancy/postpartum


9/24, 10/1, 10/8, 10/15, 10/22, 10/29, 11,5, 11/12


Each week there is a topic centered around one of the three pillars. Some weeks there will be a speaker and other weeks the topic will be taught by one of The Momma Tribe Leaders. Each week you will have the opportunity to learn, grow and evolve as a woman. Speakers for the Fall will be pre-recorded and played for each meeting. This allows for time to connect after each speaker’s presentation and check in with one another.




Reach out! We would love to answer any questions you may have about The Momma Tribe



The Momma Tribe was such a great experience and learning tool! To prepare me for my career I have years of training to get my degree. To prepare me to be a Mom... I was winging it. The Momma Tribe helped give me tools to apply each week to my little, myself and my marriage. As well as a great community of Moms to relate to. So grateful for this me time each week or dive more into being a great Mom!

My first experience with The Momma Tribe was fantastic!! I was a little nervous about only video interaction but Zoom is the perfect platform and Meggie does a great job facilitating discussion and encouraging everyone to share their thoughts and feelings. The topics covered during the Summer Tribe were terrific!! I have pages and pages of notes to refer back to and feel better equipped as a Momma than I did before starting the Tribe!

Meggie does a great job bringing moms together and helping everyone feel comfortable and involved. Being in the tribe was a great way to make time for myself to better myself as a wife and mother. I really enjoyed this experience and learned a lot! Meggie is super passionate about helping moms come together and it truly shows!